Mandragora art roots

The root issue is not beauty, the root is benevolence.

Art making is being willing to shift and move with fluidity when the terrain changes. Mandrakes stand out among plants for their formal inventiveness and range and their playful and pluralistic embrace of botanical illustrations.

Art roots are deeply natural rather than cultural.

Naturalist artworks have always been fascinated by nature.

real mandragora

Mandrake roots are deeply natural, its current shape is unsustainable without some deep-rooted reforms. Biologists working with plants seemed rooted.

The roots of contemporary art expect some sort of technological singularity. Old habits die hard.

Mandrake finding art roots

Does the mandrake plant really scream when it is pulled up? Mandrake is rooted in his deep affinity with nature.

Everything is temporary

Mandrahee is also interested in the concepts of anthropomorphism, the attribution of human traits to non-human artworks.

Mandrakes consider real pictures serving to abandon anthropocentric narrative coherence. How to escape art business predators when the art world is like a gigantic flea market? You can only be happy in the present moment, here and now.

Each simple image is a narrative that tells a story to construct a whimsical world, full of absurdity and uncertainty.

benevolent irony

Irony is mandragora.

On average visitors spend 1 minute peering at online art websites, it's easy to be cynical. Art is something inside of you, waiting to get out. The time the paper spends consuming the arts looks awesome to the artist.

One of the most curious things about drawing is that it can be contagious. Every eccentric deep art roots displayed in a lunatic art museum aims to be an image.

freshness of the sketch

This freshness of the sketch that unfortunately almost always lost in paintings.

However the proposed pictures are downright silly and do little to get at the root cause. A potentially toxic blend of influences that can create an opportunity to understand the relationship between mandragora and mandrakes.

The real legend of the Mandrake plant

Instead of asking is something is right ask if something is interesting. Mandragora paintings have roots going back to dark ages. Rooted in abstraction, Edmond Gonfalon’s vocabulary is made of simple drawingss with which he conjures a mythic and folkloric world. Look for magic moments.

Mandrake art roots are deeply natural

We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda, it is a form of truth.

John F. Kennedy

deep art roots

True to Earthworm’s counter-narrative aesthetic, however, the botanical illustrations idle in silence.

As a would-be drawing, I have to make a theory of bad art confront with practice.