ludwig wittgenstein duck or rabbit theory

Probability theory reduces the perception of uncertainty

The duck-rabbit uncertainty has to do with our paradoxical justifications of something we feel it's wrong for everyone except us to see it as an ambiguously funny artwork.

difference between art and science

In the internet, where paradigms and paradoxes mingle, beauty is not the difference between art and science.

Not a duck, nor a rabbit, but a curious hybrid that looks like nothing less than itself.

Wittgenstein; Form of life

All art is infested by other art.

Leo Steinberg

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duck or rabbit paradox

Perception is a product of mental activity, because we see more with the mind than the eye.

difference between art and science

Art curricula need to include more natural science.

Artscientist is a genre of artist that contains scientific content.

Looking carefully is scopophilia. Contradictions, ambiguities and multiple meanings are the bones of art.