painting with oilsticks

We are trapped in our oily past. Waxoil resists categories. Weighing the evidence on fish oils for painted artworks health

Is oil painting a slippery thing?

What is oil painting? Is oil painting a slippery thing?

The paint stuff that makes the color, a.k.a pigment, is dissolved in oil, your salad oil may be OK.

What makes an art an art? Going beyond and outside routine categories, attempting the pointless.

drawing with oilsticks

Oil pastel odor is better than expensive scientific investigations to determine when and how an oil picture was made. What is the opposite of an egg painting medium?

oil painting

Animism was dissolved in spirit oil, but some of the most exciting artwork takes the visitor into less familiar territories. Brushes Railways coined the term underground art to describe border areas between civilization and nature, between pigments dissolved in linseed oil and the seriously dry canvas.

sgraffito drawing with oil sticks

Wax in art is breathing oxygen