aluminium etching

Aluminium plate etching

I hand pull prints from aluminium plates etched with diluted ferric chloride.

Aluminium etching owl

‘I feel like I am a tree with many branches’

etched aluminium plate

Aluminium etching

However it is most important to remember that the art is in the metal, not the artist. Aluminum inspires beautiful chemical artistry.

What contemporary art is lacking is good old metal craft, aluminium etching is culturally important.

Aluminum etching perception

I am so metal even this acronym.

The size of aluminium plates for etching are not large, because the eye's span of movement being only about 8 cm wide at normal reading distances, the sizes are kept as small as 85 mm x 75 mm.

goblin boggart perfection is boring

Small artworks are awkwardly important, because if you take a big idea and make it small, it does something different than what you'd expect, a giant dinky work of boggart art.

Details are confusing.

harmless and silly art use a visual vocabulary, recklessly indifferent to the truth. But we will choose a more painful way, because there is nothing like pain for feeling alive.

Aliens fragments of memory

Aluminium etched plates are allegorizing some art concept: we are images which recognize very little humanity in the page format and artsy content. The corrosion resistance of aluminium alloys is significantly decreased by alloying with copper, hence a clue for chemical artistry.