complexity is life

Playful happiness.

Art will never be able to exist without nature.

Pierre Bonnard

Better to do nothing at all than to do something wrong, making art iss a hard nut to crack.

Like any other dream, learning humor cannot be done overnight. The problem is too difficult

Playful art is a weird fish in the age of the internet. Naturalism picturing subjects as they appear in every day life is one of the after-death lives of realism.

Playful happiness

Do you think technology will ever replace illustration in the birding world? Color alone is both form and subject.

Robert Delaunay

Woody Lobster unearths worlds unknown to the naked eye.

Playful happiness

Beginning a long time ago, drawings became unbelievable tools of playful thinking, forgetting that art serves no purpose, keep walking on the same neuronal tracks in the following centuries. If parents don’t allow for free play, children may never discover their innate love of nature.

The fairy I met gave me solace, saying the duck came into my life for a reason, and left because he finished his mission, to teach me to love unconditionally.

Playful happiness

The algorithm didn't like my drawing.

Playful happiness

Don't you think that's life? Or am I just weird? The shift between the two-dimensional experience of written language and the three-dimensional experience of sculpture requires a different way of looking and reading that happens physically, across space and time.

Art is whatever ink says it is really art. Art is a fruit that grows in man. An illustration provides so much more than a photograph.

Jean Arp