The more you draw, the less you need a proof that aliens exist.

By using linseed oil, I would just be oiling the machine for the rest of my career. This is like being vegan and expecting an alligator not to eat you, communication is the important thing.

Abstract art is a proof of alien life on earth.

I thought it would be considered as one of those experimental artworks that no one sees. We should stop acting as if our goal is to author extremely elegant theories, and instead embrace complexity and make use of the best ally we have: the unreasonable effectiveness of data.

Peter Norvig

Proof of alien life on earth

Funny artworks are the workhorses of contemporary art, assymmetrical, and relatively straightforward to engineer, but progress with them has been plodding. Convergent evolution may dictate substantial similarities between cold humor and extraterrestrial life. Visual perception pictures are the answer to a substantive mystery, so badly drawn that you merely understand its cynical purpose, the list of options available is just endless.

Due to the lack of scientific evidence, good art is generally regarded as a myth. The image is where art begins, and where it ends, but if the goal is to push boundaries, where is the end of art?