All awkward paintings at least once had to reveal their experience of being a “single work of art”.

Success does breed success

Relevance is showing me the zany approaches to art I dreamt last night. Interactions between pictures involve a complex web of shared interests and intense conflict.

The difference between naturalism and realism is a drawing myth. Success really does breed success, an awkward aphorism.

link between awkward art and life

Cats bridge contemporary art and alternative zany life.

Retrophilia digging up the roots of our habits and mind-sets, terrible is better. I haven't seen one picture of retrophilia since i fell off my dinosaur.

life has been difficult

Life is difficult

Life always has been difficult, artists work with what they have at hand and try to use everything at their disposal in achieving their goals. Embark on an inspirational artistic journey of awe-filled art web pages, mind-expanding pictures, and memorable but silly aphorisms ("the cutting edge art markets are dangerous place to live").

graphic art work uses an awkwardly jokey methodology

Alternative arts widen the gap between what is shown and what artworks meant; deadly serious art works to close this gap. Awkward artworks exploring themes in art that cross cultural boundaries from the soft imagery to hard-nose science. An awkwardly jokey methodology, of course, but no one really cares.

Alternative artworks like to personalize things

Theorism uses an artistic methodology to acquire a greater understanding our existence, not the power to inspire dread. Dry humor of theorism never lost an opportunity to make a splash. The theoretical rigor of waxoiled artsy-metry's work completely replaced the ferociously arty methods that had previously prevailed. Alternative artworks like to personalize things.

mandragoras make the chief beef of contemporary art

It is at the interfaces of disciplines and professions, between the orthodox and neatly partitioned branches of science and technology, that treasure troves of awkward artistic knowldege remain hidden.

really weird questions are insightful

Usually weird questions are very insightful, however head-scratching. Stupid mistakes and jokey art can happen to any artist, you couldn't explain it, it was instinctual. People like artsy-metry who can see new connections between seemingly utterly different human endeavors, they are the new explorers of mysteriously unclear images easily accessible to the general public, the new miners of meanings, the chief beef of contemporary art.