facts are social constructs

Art as alchemy

This is false, because the whole universe is in a glass of wine, what we call facts, are social constructs. The most important step in explaining something well is to figure out what’s the minimum amount of explanation required for readers to understand your overall piece.

skin is one of the holy grails of pictorial illusionism

Why it is relevant? Along with perspective and anatomical accuracy, the convincing depiction of skin was one of the holy grails of pictorial illusionism, the dominant criterion of successful art until the Modern era.

Doug Harvey

Sleeping caffein

I drink a lot of coffee while laying in the branches, and tense up my forearm so I get a "jerkiness" in my lines. are not inherently bad

Robert Wittig

The propensity for an art life may be tied to brain chemistry.

a whimsical approach is ideal

Jasper John's work is coded with secret messages, because he is not a purely a visual artist. With Ellsworth Kelly there is no message, just an experience. But in many instances, a whimsical approach is ideal.