contemporary etching artists

Artists need the head and the tail to make the model work. The main axes of the body run obliquely, and this perceptual device is used to obtain the dynamic effect of what an observer sees.

Adam and Eve look for adjacencies between one etching print and another.

Out of error comes knowledge, but it's odd.

As soon as you draw something, you give it limits. If you know something, you canít represent it, then comes monikers for people responding to the practice of contemporary art-making. The (artist) (then) has the choice to either ride the horse in the same direction, or go another way.

Things are changing, fun things are artsy

Things are changing, weird things are artsy

Awkward images have located strains of a nostalgic retreat to the past in the face of the changes in culture brought about by the rise of postmodernism. Brainy artworks will never know everything.

difference between art and nature

Do what is done to you, draw back if you are drawn. Artistic life of a bunch of pixels: Having a presence on the web is absolutely essential.

How to make inevitable art?

Art websites need to behave more like a real person and less like a faceless internet device.

Art sites are an alternative where facts really matter, because thatís the time the pictures did start thinking about making art that creates a new meaning (human nature is not charmingly eccentric).

cute visual evidence

Pictures are born free; and everywhere they are in chains.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Art just needs a little elbow grease; imagination is a device that sees maple seeds as helicopters.

point of view paradox

How pictures have colonized most of the internet's surface, escaping their enormous vulnerability ?

Caspar David Friedrich, According to dual-process theories of human thinking, interesting artworks defy common sense; Basically life is not fair.