see you

When you go to paint, use your eyes not your ears. Emotions call our attention to important aspects of a situation that we otherwise might not have consciously noted. Many ink drawings are not black-and-white stories but rather result from the invisible ineffable interval between words and images. In others the opposite is true.

Art is doing what's best for anxiety

Subliminal art model reflects the mood of the artist

Anxiety expresses itself not just in what you draw, but how you draw it. I realized that I wanted to explore both sides of the coin.

The belief that all art aims at beauty is held below the artistís conscious awareness. Art is doing what's best for you.

unintentional subliminal art

The very perception of what art really is has been lost. There is something about being in the presence of silly art that elevates you.

Leo Tolstoy, "What Is Art ?"

postmodernist black art

Art is doing what's best for you, not for hypocrites philistines living in a bubble.

The "world out there" is synthesized in our consciousness.

John C. Eccles, see also "The encoding of reality is a mental process".

how does culture and art relate

True art will not come from business circles, it will come from playfulness and a canvas, or a drawing paper, or a computer screen, or a piece of wood or metal that allows its figures to determine their own destiny.