cute contemporary artwork

Cute Poseidon

I would think that Poseidon irony itself is not the problem. I would think Neptune is a symptom of the problem. Scholarly and funny, Neptune and Poseidon, all of these are twisted into disorienting puzzle.

Humorous art is a mismatch between the expected and the actual picture; often, this is an excuse for lazy thinking.

Funny artworks and scientific figures strive to describe three-dimensional space. The squeaky wheel gets its place in art history.

funny sayings is what our brain is really looking for

Scholarship tends to reproduce itself.

satiric visual humor

The satiric picture goes to the heart of an old argument over how much artworks actually thinks.

exotic contemporary art humor

Art is on both sides of drawing papers.

Playfulness dreamt to be the link between modernism and postmodernism

Playfulness dreamt to be the link between postmodernism and life.

Dare to be wrong, or you may never be an artist out of the whimsical potential of humor.

Dreaming of Max Ernst

Undeniably silly drawings stress the need for an eccentric body of work in stress relieving art. We seek through doubt and by seeking we perceive the truth.