modern art pencil drawings

Death of the end of the world

Let's make modern art instead of trying to solve the early bird problem. Now, itís beginning to emerge from the shadows.

early bird catches the end of the world art iconoclast

"We should conspire to end the fetish of the perfect image."

(Nature 439, 891-892)

Death of perfection

Death of the perfect famous image

Have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it.

Salvador Dali

random glitches that affect brain development

Life is more complex than the simplistic this-or-that filters we typically apply in writing and thinking about it.

Xarker manifesto


Everything happens if you can wait for it; death for one; accuracy is not needed.

No society will ever survive if its art dies, and precision is already dead as a dodo.

Ernst Gombrich

Painting irony of situation aiming to step up the level of stupidity of people in art who follow their own paths.

Glen Baxter


Skill is not a substitute for horrible art.