A work of art that raises no questions is not a real work of art.

What did aphrodite look like ?

Aphrodite, Eros and Pan

"Hellenistic panic at the museum" : For the ancient Greeks, portraits of actual people were clothed (representations of gods and goddesses were much less clothed). The statues were originally painted to make them more life-like.

Copy of an original ... c. 100 BC, Delos, National Archaeological Museum of Athens, Greece

Donald Kuspit, There is no artist who has ever done anything entirely original, contemporary art is all built on what came before.

what would aphrodite look like ?

Aphrodite a.k.a. Venus for all the Roman visitors.

What do the goddesses look like?

aphrodite with clothes on

Aphrodite was a sort of movie celebrity, a living myth among the greek goddesses. We don't know what did aphrodite look like with clothes on, because clothed statues are for mortal human beings, not for Greek Goddesses.

Art is quick route to perfection and Platonic truth.

Greek god Pan is the ancient imagery of contemporary a devil real photo

Why do we like the Greek nymphs and satyrs so much ? Greek god Pan looked like a whimsical country devil.

What does Aphrodite look like ?

Is this photo real?

The ancient Greek myths are in our blood.