Good art simply means drawing or painting from life.

Sketching a gesture

Sisyphus sketching a gesture

You get a sense that you're working as part of a community towards a common goal : there's a kind of excitement to that.

Nicolas Africano, Body proportions for art cartoons is fun.

how to sketch body figures

Drawing people

In practice, strict applications for head to body ratio rules are often a recipe for drawing failure and weird pareidolia.

rules of drawing people

Female body figure, drawing step by step, and therefore starting from the feet for the first step.

people drawing people

Artist models, along with their constants and components, must be grounded in laws of nature that people drawing artists understand. Your pencil certainly knows how to draw simple pictures of people : just ask the pencil. It's fun, quirky and refreshing.

model posing for life drawing

Figure drawing instructions

The aesthetic strategies do not keep many people awake at night, nor is it of immediate practical importance. Drawing human bodies makes you look smarter. Observational drawing is the keystone for successful drawing from life.

indian ink and a bamboo pen

Pen and ink drawing with the eyes

Draw with your eyes because you cannot draw with your pencil.


The standard model of human body figure drawings is found doomed to fail in several cases. Drawing simple pen and ink figures save the model.

Drawing female body is a dangerous art

Drawing your figure model is awkwardly cool. Life drawing tutorial is about being observant about people. One need only dwell in art classes, to see how awkward the fine art has become.