Drawing street life

Drawing street life identities.

It is here that images are made, remade, destroyed and made again, fine art used to be the only game in town. Life-like effect painting and other exigencies are forever gone.

urban people drawing

Street art pictures hope being stonewalled during a discussion.

Architecture and urban infrastructure, striving life on the walls.

Whimsical street art is life

Playful contemporary visual culture is why do whimsy street artworks attempt to emancipate perception

Whimsical art has finally turned a corner when a computer virus spread to human. Cold colorlessness street lives change over time, playfulness overcomes the hundredth of people walking there.

preference for the primitive

Graffiti sometimes says more than volumes of bizarre theoretical analysis. Urban landscapes of our age, graffiti and street art are not seriously boring, only kooky weirdos.

Ernst Gombrich, the preference for the primitive