Perfection is boring, we need to do more sequencing, fictional truth being an oxymoron.

Gargantuan Brobdingnagian

Art is a prodigious struggle between the Gargantuan and Cyclopean.

Brobdingnagian ideas as the conceptual link between conventional and exotic states of magnoperator art, by its very nature impermanent as ephemerality.

amazing behemoth magnoperator

Painting is superior to photography because you can draw the biggest fish in the world, but you can't picture it, because drawing from life, an amazing fish or a birthday cake, is very different from drawing from a photo.

Giant paintings can be suppassed by more transparency, more openness artworks from creative ants [:).

Art is fun like birthday cake boat

The flow of creative expression, riding a tide of instantly accessible digital images should be viewed as icing on the funny cake; there is no waves without wind.

incredibly rubenesque

Kant's distinction between aesthetic and sublime means that, for instance, when visiting an unimaginative large art shop I am so overwhelmed by it, the experience ceases to be aesthetic and becomes sublime.

That squids are artist-born molluscs whith an imagination of Gargantuan dimensions not supported by artistic evidence.