What makes good art

Cute monsters rule the internet.

What makes good art? Kitchen goblins know the answer.

fear of anxiety

Because odd pictures may be important to the understanding of human emotion, a large number of statistical methods have been developed to detect the fear behind the images. But to see the big picture requires looking outside the art studio.

Drawing numbers is the best cure for arithmophobia because there's nothing else to do. When in doubt, ask someone. Everyday art is everywhere around you and looking to cooperate with friendly household spirits.

subliminal drawing

Subliminal penguin helping me navigate difficult times, Sailing away from the safe harbor, because words are but wind.

Everybody need to be understood. You need a good painting that understands you. This is absolutely, definitely, not a metaphor. Some of the unseen things in life are the most story telling images. There is nothing in this world that does not have a decisive moment.

The boredom cure

Graphic art is a great boredom killer since empty brains are the devil's shop.

Where the pixel does not work with the horn, there is no art, the response has been crickets, not the meaning of everything.

All great boredom killers tell a story, artists have to take care that they do not fool themselves.