Perception is reality

Perception is reality, images are with you.

the picture looks like something that had a life. Dont give credit to values and norms that are contradictory to real life and counterintuitive for example that surface textures are more like imagination than reality. Fine artworks can never admit a mistake.

perception is reality

"Making images that are more positive, that have a lot more to do with life."

Painting life is not derogatory, but dont give credit to pictures that are paradoxical to functions of nonverbal communication, because perception is reality. The art website visitor believes that what the visitor sees is real.

Hieronymus Bosch, Bather with two sneakers

simple example of approach to art form
everything is art

The meaning of what is art must be uncertain

Nominalization examples read and interpret meaningful art in the context of their own culture.

Reality construction of the brain

Why does cubism have multiple views ?

Reality is a construction of the brain; perception is everything, meaning of art is uncertain.

why bubbles pop

Donít fix it if it isnít broken.

Distrust of authority in art highlighs details that create an interesting and gnarly picture.