magic pixels of metal

The magic pixels of jocularity.

For it is evident our stronger perceptions or impressions are innate, and that natural affection arise adamantly from nature.

David hume, Treatise of human nature, like Easter rabbits making funky pictures

The palest ink is the best memory

The palest ink is better than the best memory.

Art is a complete mystery by design. Thatís very likely nonsense. Meanwhile, contemporary art lovers demand for funny pictures is probably pretty inelastic, so art market demand for artworks in these areas is probably inelastic. Art should be a mystery because the highest goal of any drawing is only decoration of wackos's homes.

Quirky art should be a mystery

The whole method of drawing is only the art of math pictures regardless of surface, even by quirky artists.

Being absolutely arty is a great challenge, make mysterious artworks.

quirky octopus, urban legends

Cartoonism is the opposite of minimalism; this theory however seems unlikely, for various reasons.

Not every ecccentric things that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts. Random art will hit two rabbits with one stone.

Visual arts say they have a phobia for ugliness, and should be cool, if nothing else. Please, don't bury underground art.