how to talk about universal themes in art ?

Artspeak knows how to talk about art

Learning artspeak is not a little gratuitous and decorative, but something you have to really do in the physical world where how completely mundane and everyday all ingredients are.

true art speak plainly

Artspeak is about verbal seduction

Pear shaped odalisques offer a hollowness that is the surest road to actual seduction.

Affectless visual humor is unencumbered by tedious terminological disputes.

an art that speaks to universal themes and experiences

Anti-painterly painting was cute when it was guerilla art, now it's like painting the death of sincerity in painting. Does great artspeak require suffering artists ?

"The true language of art is speechless and phatic."

Theodor Ardorno

true purple pink ghosts speak plainly

This drawing is a subtle but nonetheless complex commentary on metaphorical qualities relating time and matter and questions our expectations of derision of such an artwork entitled Untitled.

"Reorganizing-visual-information" means closing your eyes to see the kitschy qualities you dream to find at their trendy exhibition.

crazy cartoon

Searching for "maple tree seeds superficial existence", I got "Not enough data".

The artists are scraping the bottom of the wrong barrel, looking for the wrong artwork, and as a result they find the wrong pictures that then lead them away from the main story of art history.

All these little subversive life models going on against the most dangerous man in the world, because of presentism, a lack of interest in history in general.