Artspeak knows how to talk about art

Learning artspeak is not a little gratuitous and decorative, but something you have to really do in the physical world where how completely mundane and everyday all ingredients are.

Blending modernity and tradition, the abstract and the figurative, painterly works tend to place emphasis on the texture and the materiality of the painting, but are conceived by the author not in formalist terms, but as a way of dealing with the spiritual challenges of contemporary times.

Affectless visual humor is unencumbered by tedious terminological disputes.

Does great artspeak require suffering artists ?

"The true language of art is speechless and phatic."

Theodor Ardorno

This drawing is a subtle but nonetheless complex commentary on metaphorical qualities relating time and matter and questions our expectations of derision of such an artwork entitled Untitled.

"Reorganizing-visual-information" means closing your eyes to see the kitschy qualities you dream to find at their trendy exhibition.