how to draw with sgraffito

Slow painting and life drawing make art.

We have broken the art model, we want the label, artistic, but we forget the key underpinnings.

figure drawing in pen and ink

figure drawing in pen and ink

The selective deficit in generating human figure representations always derives from limited practice in drawing.

crazy artist figure

How to sketch ?

The world is full of unfinished drawings. Most of the fun of drawing from life is that you can exagerate. Don't be afraid to be imaginative. Your life model model also provides a handy set of "rules of thumb" for selecting specific whimsical images for various applications in the online (humorous) art site.

purple figure

The arts matter because they deal with daily experiences in a transforming way; because they take us out of ourselves; because they encourage the imagination; because they offer a shared experience rather than an isolated one.

John Tusa