The synapse is like the soul of the brain.

mirror cartoon

Artworks are often a reflection of the lives of people.

Our life is a more or less a mirror on our thoughts

Oscar Wilde

Two silly pictures seems to leave a deeper impression on the brain than does concentrating on just one silly picture at a time.

doodling art mirrors life

Mirror neurons make us imitate without thinking with those little grey cells. It is the viewer, and not life, that artworks really mirrors.

We still need a distinctive tool for localizing art as the product of a complex neuronal network.

Jasper Johns, because doodling is a neuronal representation

Artworks try hard to mirror the real world

Mirror mechanisms built into the brain may help us to understand each other.

How to make reflective mirror artwork ? The human body is first and foremost a mirror to the soul and its greatest beauty comes from that given that it is easier to polish mirrored metal artworks.

Brain plasticity is badly needed for plastic art metaphors, because artworks try hard to mirror the real world.