Art vs Science

A scientistís search for the meanings of art

The old art defends itself from modern primitive artists by suggesting that there is neither aesthetics nor psychosocial need for it. We become scientists because we are curious.

Donald Kuspit

science art crossing line

Crossing the line between art and science

Every artist draws what he is, like self portraits, and every scientist represents himself as a bibliography.

C. P. Snow, Two cultures integrative thinking

how eyes factorial art works

Art may need to say something about the natural world and how beauty works.

Often great discoveries are made when techniques from one discipline are tried in another.

truth squares with reality

Art don't always square with reality

As a psychologist you would know that if it demands complicated mathematical transformation, something is going wrong.

Danny Kahneman

life is math

Is life an illusion, given that only few possibilities are to be calculated ?

Hybrid science+art pictures may be accompanied by an explanatory legend that helps the visitor decode the underlying science, if needed.

Darryl Wheye and Donald Kennedy, Subject Matter Matters, Science 10 October 2008: Vol. 322. no. 5899, pp. 196-197

Art versus the crystalline abstraction of knowledge represented by theoretical science