golden ratio golden rectangle

The preference for the golden ratio

A visual explanation for male contemporary artists.

golden ratio in art

Golden ratios in art

Whimsical quaint rectangles are just not set up to understand art history.

golden ratio symbol

The logo is a perfect golden rectangle. Marianne is a symbol and personification of the French Republic.

Only for fun, not "for art" : the length of the foot is equal to the length of the forearm.

forearm foot measure  proportion

The Worship of the Golden Ratio is the modern Golden Calf

Anthropometry is the measurement of humans, as well as artist's models, and is used to understand physical variation between idiosyncratic paintings; the forearm foot proportion are a really great addition.

What is the golden ratio

Seeing is believing, if only painting subjects have changed the paradigm amongst the ancient leviathans and artists.