Newer is better

Newer is better

Art that is happy to be Art

Should art students abandon the life room entirely ? Artworks should have legs to run away the material world.

Forever optimistic newer-is-better creatures.

Lobsters are successful shrimps

To measure a thing is to tame it, to make it susceptible to your rules. Striving for excellence motivates you.

Tania Kovats, Singular art

From an evolutionary standpoint it would not be a good design principle to have an Achilles' heel. Raw emotion from our reptilian brain is the magic of art.

You do better by finding by yourself what looks right or not.

Life of a model.

where raw art are unable to explain

It is precisely because art is meaningless that it is so hard to talk about: if a dark form in the night is really a big cat, you could be in danger while if it's just the wind, no harm done.

human femur and leg

Everything considered, work is less boring than amusing oneself.

Contemporary primitive art