waxoil joyful surrealism of postmodern expressionism

Everything we do is art, even our paintings.

Life is short, painting oily; the joyful surrealism of postmodern expressionism brings life to images.

science and art

Pictures want to be seen, unfiltered eccentricity rules art.

Imperfections are not the problem; no more long, drawn-out lessons on form, accuracy and precision, bad art needs good painting. Wholesome modernism often is beautiful and brillant but wrong.

Return to the practice of older days when practice of visual arts was not yet divorced from modern theories of aesthetics.

W.J.T. Mitchell, Picture Theory, p.377; contemporary crazy ideas

waxoil art website

Good pictures hope you all are doing well.

wholesome art website

What is wholesome art? I never knew art could be so fun. Many drawings are going to be wrong in the end, but you have to start somewhere. Avoid information overload when you can.

Being happy on the wrong side of art history.

jealousy symbol, oil pastel sgraffito

Good riddance to minimalism, perfection kills everything but the subconscious decisions that coalesce into what we call a painting. Art is important because everything we do is art.

Art is the ultimate message in a bottle

A ton of information per day that would be the total amount of information consumed in a lifetime. Art is the ultimate message in a bottle.

Bric a brac art making does not require an explanation. There is no why, it is art.

bat art gaze

Something didn’t work, becuse the algorithm didn't like my drawing. I do believe, when all is said and done, that we will fall at the the bottom of this page. Grey bats don’t know when to stop.

Don't hang your hat on these numbers just yet, too much calculating, not enough pondering, unable to explain the fascination of what's difficult.

Kitchen goblins know the answer

We don’t need to understand everything, nor even to figure out what to do: Kitchen goblins know the answer.

graphic works for you

A simple linear narrative describing the development of this site no longer seemed to hold water because any thing we make is expected sinking quickly like a stone thrown into a quiet pond. What should be seen, or not.

A box of frogs works, art gaze is crazy as life.

Cleopatra deadly snake, sgraffito oil pastel

Dare to fail, dare to be wrong. Nature alone is the greatest art. Please leave it alone.

Art doesn’t solve problems, art is a trip into another dimension. Galleries are filled with living things and they cannot be allowed to grow wild or they will cease to exist.

bric-a-brac art making

The goal is to create an image community that takes care of themselves. No matter how far you have gone on the wrong road, turn back.


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