Chaos the Greek Goddess
Chaos the Greek Goddess

Each simple image is a narrative that tells a story to construct a whimsical world, full of absurdity and uncertainty.

At the beginning there was only a perfectly imperfect chaos.

Art is fun and unpredictable.

Chaos the Greek Goddess

Art is a revolt against death.

Keeping morale up is a high priority through all the stress and chaos.

Given that she is the goddess of endless emptiness gaving birth to our universe, the artwork is fragile.

It's hard to put a number on these things, but I would have to say that hypersensitivity to perturbation is both what makes art sensitivity and the classical physics definition of chaos.

The Greek Goddess only left a quantum signature of Chaos and more probs.

perfectly imperfect

Ancient greek Art needs to conside the alpha to omega and not simply the delta to theta.

Mermaids and Poseidon works are illiquid.

In chaos, opportunity

The goddess of chance, in chaos, opportunity.

The theory of beauty made simple, for those of us who are not handsome like the original Greek god of chaotic beauty, or lucky like the goddess of chance. The Greek god Chaos is not out to produce a break with the past.

perfectly imperfect

Chaos is the mother of zozology.

Donald Kuspit, Art is life.

Chaos is a Greek myth

Greek god Chaos is a metaphor for mark-making the unpredictability of life. The picture of life is shaped by being unreasonable should never take the viewer on a journey to a predictable end point.