what is considered art?

Without getting too far into the weeds on the specifics, killing creatures that exist only in folklore is not easy.

As already noted, art is black and white. Black won yesterday.

The chaos of our world

To deal with only that which is important, one day at a time

The chaos of our world, whether cultural or psychological, is what inspires a sense of scratchy wonder and whimsy.

putting order to chaos

Color outside the lines with a bit of humor.

Art goal is to understand things about the world, insight into the human condition; it’s really about putting order to chaos.

why are ladybugs cute?

Good pictures are not natural statisticians and often make the wrong decisions when faced with probabilities rather than certainties. This is a mistake worse than foxes guarding chicken coops.

complicated art works

It is clear that understanding and potentially harnessing the protective effects of humor in the treatment of bad artworks warrants further investigation.

Works that carve a space for diverse artistic viewpoints. Given that they’ve been conserved across millions of years and diverse life forms, they must be doing something.

Any page is more than the sum of its parts. And that, in the end, can only be good for the pictures.