If we knew what we are doing, it would not be called art, would it ?

The good, the beautiful and the inverted sublime

Signs of art

The stakes have increased for pictures to keep secrets. The sign injected a mix of humorous emptiness and ethereal philosophy into the explanation of the picture.

The essence of a world in which images proliferate all around us.

arty communication

Our brain's ability to decode our world to construct an useful artsy environment.

The image is the most complete technique of all communication. Our neurons take what our eyes give them and then fill in the gaps from our memory to create an image that makes sense from an artsy point of view.

cool art drawing, harmonic mean

Emotions are wired up in our neurons.

Art is love clothed in beauty and unclothed art models are unsuitable on chilling snow-covered Alps (Giovanni Segantini).

dodo art dead or alive

Dodos donít need monkey art. Now, of course, only a fringe minority of the art community would suggest that humor is anything other than a normal aspect of aesthetics.