Perfection is boring, and really bad art is fun.

Bad art should not be feared

What are the options? It's not enough to just follow the rules. Bad art should not be feared, but keep the dull and the insipid at bay.

For a brief moment, there was the illusion that art making was as simple as it possibly could be. Skillfulness has little to say.

Bad art will always be preferable than pseudoscientific idiocy.

Bad taste is life, lifeless artworks is a deadly lack of taste. Walking under the umbrella of a theory of Art, serious people do want to root out ugliness. As Bell noted when he first proposed the test, even though the “action at a distance” happens instantaneously, it can’t be used to send signals faster than light.

Mistakes are human, an eccentric theory of Art

Bad artworks are reaping what they have sown

The painting was alive with dust, seeking synthesis under the umbrella of an eccentric theory of art. Nature is not classical, to make bad art is a state of mind, not an activity. Strongly held opinion held of widely respected art professors should be taken with large grains of salt.

waxoil manifesto

Success is survival

Theories on why we like art are in books hauted by the ghost of art models. While pouring millions of pixels into transparent art projects like this, the passion for interesting drawings of all kinds seems to be the guiding principle, something very whimsical without being sappy.

We all know bad art

Things one fears for no real reason, apparently obsessed by an idee fixe, have the impertinent tendency to come about.

Theodor Adorno, the death spiral is definitely reserved for outliers; Metaphor for death.

How do we know what is right and wrong ?

Remember that art is neither all good or all bad. Like most of dreams, it all depends on how well it is done. We may never know because knowing would require an understanding of the picture's inner life, something that cannot be deduced.

It was much more difficult than we thought; perfection and sloppiness need each other like yin needs yang and vice versa.