Chaos theory

We are intended to be judged in a binary manner : good or bad, But, Science like Art is a culture of doubt.

Unimaginable not so long ago, strongest thinkers see not just the black and white, but also the many shades of grey present in any issue.

Risk it or die slowly, dogma is a moving target.

Most artistic dualities have their origin in the opposition of body and spirit (mind and body).

Positive feedback can give a system a flip/flop choice between alternative choices. To give people an experience of looking at everything in terms of what its many possibilities might be. The door is closing on plausible alternatives that are known to be crucially important.

urban myth midget bugs

The real meaning of uncertain is a doubtful urban myth.

Indeterminism and indeterminacy posing for a subjective view of reality. Scientists want to be able to predict and control, and of artists dont want their shades of gray to be predictable.

Victoria N. Alexander, Art versus Science

It won't work unless you convert qualitative variables into quantitative ones - and that's horribly, horribly subjective. For a dichotomous trait (good-bad image as given), it is not said that all drawings can be explained mathematically. Those dual interests intersect in the mating of objectivity with subjectivity for error of the fourth kind.

The theoretical predictions can be strongly affected by random disorder, such as impurities or vacancies that are inevitably present in all real physical systems.

Some of these issues can now be possibly attributed to the effects of quenched disorder, thus recovering the elegance of being able to treat different systems within the same theoretical framework. Black and white thinking is the root cause of all disease.