Good art is unreliable.

art inspired by mathematics

They are called stochastic artists, but they are really statisticians. Can you explain it like I'm five?

How does art relate to math ? Algorithmic art rejects predictable patterns because interesting pictures are not deterministic. Image making processes are supported by experts at analyzing the random pictures that comes out.

Crazy things need code switching

Crazy things need code switching to advertise their conformity to particular groups.

You can't live well without an exquisite sense of the improbable. The art revolution has been accompagnied by an unfortunate tendency to hyperbole.

Anni Albers

algorithmic doodlings

Mathematics aims to instill a sense of seriousness with its algorithmic art.

This has led to unrealistic expectations among art dealers and to cynicism and pessimism within the artists community.

Tristan Tzara, Apparently, a very fine line between probable and possible.

artistic software for algorists

Computer-generated art from a naive algorist

Algorithmic art is more difficult than traditional art by an exponential factor. The exact effect of art can't be controlled but algorithmic doodlings are easier to set up. Ironic pictures take everything seriously.

Augustus De Morgan, All this is quite possible, and the probabilities for and against are quite out of reach, but art is a minor branch of statistics.