Only a very small percentage of the population cares about funny theorems and picture informality.

Absurdly cool math drawings

It seems reasonable to assume that more humor leads to increased attention leads to better pictures. But itís not entirely unreasonable to suppose that good pictures are much more likely to be funny, in effect reversing the cause and effect.

Complexity refuses to oversimplify, but is willing to maximize amusement. Puzzling pictures have fun, often are a bit unconventional. The internet wants neat, tidy pictures that fit into a memorable narrative

cool art drawing, harmonic mean

It's a chicken and egg thing, pretty sophisticated like all mathematic sciences.

Perplexingly, however, symbols for humor may be notoriously bad at math. Algorithmic art coding is one of the disciplines you either master or have absolutely no knowledge of.

summer craft with flowers prints

It is certainly great practice to never take artworks at face value without asking questions. Understanding the organizing principles allows exhaustive enumeration of possible jocular structure topologies.

strange, odd, funny accidental art

Beauty is incapable of being defined scientifically as anarchy always takes over. There's not much in between, all or nothing.

Famous monkey painting

Famous monkey paintings will often get more credit than a comparatively unknown painting, even if their size is similar. Every scientist knows that while science, as a collective process viewed over time, very rarely makes mistakes, individual experiments and experimenters are often wrong.

Gus Bofa, Le cirque, 1923

Ludicrous art may be its own best reward.