The arts present a natural affinity with gift-giving, rather than with commercial exchange.

Hans Abbing

Collaborative art-making

Why must everything be a contest?

If artists merely wants to perfect their technique, the model-as-object might suffice, but if artists want to create art, they have to accept models as cocreators. Increasing specialization has led many artists to dedicate their entire life to very narrow lines of art. Crossing the line to picture beyond the constraints of everyday life.

S. R. Philips, in "Modeling life", State University of New York press

Conventional images draw lines.

Collective intelligence is closer to the truth

Artists by nature are often solitary creatures.

How to think like an artist ? Action demands knowledge and motivation, not the idea that the collective is closer to the truth. Human experts are expected to explain how they arrive at a conclusion, this same expectation can and should apply to an artsy picture of collective intelligence.

Contemporary art runs towards participatory arts, as opposed to traditional spectator arts. Art is not just about getting what the artist want, itís about first helping viewers to get what they want as interlocutors. Drawing a connection between mimicry=chameleon and affiliation, operating on similar lines, for similar reasons.

You are the web and the web art is more about a conversation. Humans tend to imitate others, and people want to help others in need. This shows how the sum of parts is always actually much greater than the whole.