Sailing away from the safe harbor, because words are but wind.

ambiguous birthday cake boat

Salvador Dali's birthday cake-boat picturing real artists ship.

What is important is to tolerate ambiguity and bistable pictures because in the end there are no certain answers. How blurry the line between fiction and reality is when sailing away from the safe harbor on a birthday cake-boat? Words are but wind.

To the artist who does not know where we wants to draw there is no favorable wind.

neither fish nor fowl

Neither fish nor fowl pictures learn from others mistakes

Deep below the water line, under the canvas artsy ghost shrimps build the cartoons that turn the web page from an art site into a projection of silly humor.

Interesting art can be found at the bottom line between fiction and reality, but what would good life be without humor? Our society has engineered robust consequences for squeaky wheels.