eristic rat as formalistic art model

What's a formal image ?

Drawn with absurd inking. Contemporary art formalism looks more as a significant form rather than its mere outward appearance, but it's also more hidden. Theory could be very boring.

Frog formalism in visual arts

Formalism drawing frogs

Formalism means priority to the heroic human figure, arrangement, style and rational organization and little concern of content. Learning to make art without knowing the true nature of culture and subculture.

formalistic devil as art model

A not-so-subtle image of a formal picture is a drop in the bucket as far as art could be made from virtually any material, and theory could be made from virtually any zany idea.

New historicism

portraiture fundamental truths

Formalism means little concern of content, portraiture tolds us fundamental truths about humanity and identity.

How art could be made from virtually any material? Think of cuttlefish natural color. a lack of significant direction from the top-selling artists.