The sublime and the beautiful

Are the sublime and the beautiful mutually exclusive? It is not possible to make everybody happy all the time. Algebraic drawing is given short stick in contemporary art where imitation is valued.

signs and symbols

Drawing inspiration from key figures in Greek mythology such as Cupid, Venus, and Psyché.

Questioning “Is it art?” is ubiquitous in the experience of much heart-warming innovative art.

Psyché was a young mortal girl of sublime beauty, drived into a jealous rage the roman goddess of love, Venus, who in turn commands her beautiful son Cupid to use his golden arrow to make her fall eternally in love with an ugly contemporary artwork. Cupid was also overcome with the awesome beauty of the mortal beauty, and accidentally scratches himself with his sgraffito arrow, falling deeply in love with Psyche. What did Venus the goddess do for a living ? She was a part-time art class model in the Olympus.

What did venus the goddess do ?

A work of art that raises no questions is not a work of art.