Hans Belting art history

We are trapped in our past, filtered through the museums of the present.

Used to be only for decorative purpose, but if old enough, it's great art because if something works, even an iconoclast inkblot, it becomes more beautiful.

Sphinx and Kouros

Sphinx and Kouros, Delphi, Greece

(In the 6th century BC a big sphinx was made out of marble from Naxos and put in the temple to Apollo.)

Goddess Hera

Because cryptic statements are quite visual poetry, classic art may be viewed as an emblem of poetic obscurity. If you don't understand, it's a sordid artwork idea.

If art history offers any lesson, artists may find they face steep odds if they hope to make famous artworks in a much-dangerous world like the internet. Understanding art is always a matryoshka doll type of game.

ambiguous, offering often contradictory meanings

Like dreaming, cute art is a science.

You cannot forget history but at the same time you have to forget it, or else you can't create. I look backwards and forwards at the same time.

Stephan Balkenhol

male posing on grounds for hope

This picture did not have the leisure to capture the illusion of reality

Throughout art history, artists has sought to make sense of their magic world through myths. These imaginative stories, taking visual forms, have been both preserved and transformed over the years as they have been repictured. Cartoonish artists need working opportunistically on headline-grabbing problems or fashionable topics.