do mermaids still exist

Do mermaids exist?

It should be possible to explain the laws of physics to a mermaid.

Ernest Rutherford

I found that when you closely observe them, mermaids show a lot of personality

Artists have long considered aquatic mythology part of their aesthetic language. Mermaids are aquatic mythological monsters who embody the dangers of seduction of contemporary conceptualism.

how do i become a real mermaid

Mermaid posing for art forms

The mermaid seen as realism naturalism hybrid, half-human half-fish is an hybrid art figure, was doomed to develop a peculiar hybrid of realism and conceptualism. It's unfair to say that mermaids do not exist, without not showing proof that mermaids still exist.

Both natural and abstract in form, mermaids seem to have grown through the screen of the computer, because under sea narrative figuration returns to contemporary painting.

spells to become a mermaid

What do mermaids wear?

The goal of mermaid art is to create in a visible form which did not previously exist.

On the flip side: "The biased coin is the mermaid of probability theory : everybody has heard of it, but it has never been spotted in the flesh" (reference)

But do mermaids exist beyong their natural form ? In the Duchampian tradition, mythological monsters consider the viewer’s interpretation essential to their work of art. A print from copper plate etching is shown, not a whimsical graphic art, but what is a visual metaphor in art.