graffiti artist portrait

Graffiti artist portrait owes less to whales of mathematics than he does to postmodern rabbits.

Graffiti street drawings is a crime

Graffiti art is in the gap between the world and our representations of it.

Artworks dominated by figurative works that possess a narrative mastered the art of surviving city streets.


Are rabbit graffiti necessary?

Funky rabbits, between nothing and nothing.

Graffiti artist owes less to Herostratus than he does to funky rabbits.

people are animals too

Human are animals too

Real ghosts and fairy tooth are in our art world two different species of critters, weird or strange but not in a normal weird way.

brains and humorous pictures turn art into a safety signal

Fringe art don't drink imagination free medium but deeply need mermaid spells that work. Art history is understood in a linear way, with one movement following the next.

Cedar Lewisohn, Street Art