The happy face of human figure drawing

There are shortcuts to happiness, and lively art is one of them.

Drawings that are quite happy being emotional. Sad artworks cannot improve their mood by recalling positive memories.

To be happy, we need not to take ourself too seriously for the sake of art. Making pictures that address the inexpressible universality of the human experience to re-enchant the world.

Art makes us a little happier

Selfishness, good health, stupidity and a sense of humor are the prerequisites of happiness.

Happy artworks are autonomous and impossible to control.

art makes you happy

Our happiest drawings are mixed with sadness but feel great anyway.

Paul Klee

Drawing like you don't need anything else.

how to smile to happy art

Happiness is not a purely subjective phenomenon, immune to scientific analysis.

This picture did not had the leisure to capture the illusion of reality.

Paul Klee, Why life drawing is important ? Happiness is a good drawing.