adventitious abstract art

When underground art is art but under the superficial surface of mediocre decoration, being witty rebel art. Furthermore, humorous pictures follow a life cycle of birth, development, and aging: Our pasts define us.

Half-mermaid half-human hybrid monsters often appear to be absurdist art in the flesh instead of urban myths.

A digital presence is an adventitious living entity that requires constant care and attention.The problem of the true colors of skin is too bloody complicated. Drawing forces you to slow down and truly understand what you are looking at.

What makes high-flying underground art?

Burrowing beneath the surface of media culture, quirky art looks like post-painterly abstractions, but are deeply referential and funny. Internet is full of pictures that just sits around and does nothing. It's nice to see hidden monsters and coming up with a slightly different view of things.

Weak pictures are not sure how solidly they can stand on their own two feet.

Should art be free?

The only way pictures will survive in a socially connected environment is to follow a new set of rules and be transparent.

art is life

Art is life

Handmade artworks are an important part of digital culture. Good pictures thrive unpredictably, with an engagement with the present and future.

Fernando Pessoa:"Things have no meaning: they exist, and their existence is their meaning"

Art is the dark side of visual communication

Humor is the dark side of a visual paradigm. Meet the fine art monster for now becomes existential emptiness.