In the bowels of art showcasing the picture's strange secrets.

so strange and wonderful it's almost funny

Who do those egghead statisticians think they are?

"Looking at painting is not a matter of finding something to impress your guests, or match the curtains, or increase in value at 20 percent par annum; it's a search for things worth hanging on the walls of your imagination."

Justin Paton, How to Look at a Painting, Pages 6-7

Pictures waiting for us with good stories to tell, not what anatomy for artists thinks of the length ratio between body, head, leg and hand. Strange and significant secrets are good stories to tell.

so strange and wonderful it's almost funny

Art is important because it mean to represent an imagination that always strives above the mundane.

Boris Groys

lapis philosophorum and identity

It's the great mystery of the hidden picture of the lapis philosophorum. Whimsical and fantastic pictures are, in general, nothing but humanized pictures dealing with themes of perception and identity.

If we have reached the demise of representation, how do we talk about the missing image? I have no idea where it is.