Welcome to the (odd) end of the internet.

The end of the internet is a webbed duck

The end of the internet is a zany webbed duck.

"It is a civilization committed to the quest for continually improved means to carelessly examined ends"

Nobody has done anything in the end of the internet for ten years. Let's do something.

You have reached the end of the internet

The upside down logic: is that what internet myths wants? Nothingis meaingless. This means there is no gap between good and evil, between head and tail, instead we have a continuum.

Why do most of the "end of the internet" pages have links on them? The story is not yet finished, Rrose Sélavy is living.

Rrose Sélavy indian ink dooling

Indian ink dooling over a text written by Picasso

The green end of the internet

We need more humor in this world

Any art page that doesn't have outbound links on them on it, is a end of the world wide web. Good art is imagination. I have told you umpty umpth times, all good things come to an end. Mapping the bootom end, a never-ending project.

The end of the internet is a webbed duck

Many drawings are going to be wrong in the end, but you have to start somewhere. The list is endless.