Naive humor with a hint of irony and visual humour

All we need is humor in contemporary art

The spare elegance of heartless minimalism has no soul, surreal art is bizarre, we boosted it by 1 to the 5th power.

adam and eve humor

Visual humor uses a silly visual vocabulary

Left alone this artwork had mild effects on its own, but when combined with an jocular visual vocabulary significantly reduced the size of harsh criticisms and increased endorphin release from the brain.

Adam and Eve scatched the painting so the art spirits entered the sgraffito artwork.

Bayes funny theorems

The Frog Princess seeing the naff spirit of (Gilbert) Bayes theorem, life is a puzzle jigsaw.

The Greek physician Hippocrates classified people on the basis of their bodily liquids known as humors, and the mixture of humors had been thought to determine a personís temperament.

An art filled with legions of futurist crustaceans

Wacky for wacky's sake is the only good art

Please, remember that Matisse was a vase with flowers in it and Picasso is dead as a dodo

wackiest Humorous birds

Humorous birds that are real playing the wackiest art game of the year.

drawing paper is a living thing

Visual humorists saw the drawing paper as a living thing because humor lives and dies at the art's edge. For a successful picture, reality must take precedence over idealism, for nature cannot be fooled.