Perfection is boring, all young cephalopods should continue to study black inking until the age of seven months.

cuttlefish inking for life

Sepia ink from life

Failed gyotaku with a small cuttlefish.

Cuttlefish art is still a land where mysteries are etched as inking within abysmal art works.

sepia cuttlefish

What is ink made of ?

This is where the rat race starts.

sepia cuttlefish inking

Does informal melanin inking exist ?

Cuttlefish in the art world need to be able to make sense of the inkings they are using if they are to avoid making mistakes.

cuttlefish cartoon

Painting with organic cuttlefish sepia is like painting with our most natural skin pigment.

what is ink made of

Artspeak says to the authors' knowledge, the present research is the first to demonstrate that natural sepia pigment smells artistically fishy.