Apart from being notorious pests, drawings of the uncanny are of interest because of their expression of weirdness.

easy things to draw that look cool

Cool drawings kill boring times

Drawing expressions conveys an array of moods, from the doodling to the playful. The arty pencil has filled this page with doodles, almost every picture had a story to tell.

We figure the rules out for ourselves, using our capacity to make pictures and choosing an artistic system to live by.

rabbit on the moon is what to draw when bored

Rabbit in the moon, copper etching

Transforming everyday pictures into cool images striving to better bridge the gap between proof of alien life on the moon and real-world drawings.

how to draw easy things that look cool

Black and white easy things to draw that look cool or artsy.

Pocket drawings

Birds with two pockets fight flight pictures to draw when bored because their energy is infectious.

Fight or flight response to wild things like paintings by animals.

things to draw when bored

What to draw when bored? Faster, more organic and less formal tutorial make easy sketching.

At the end you look for the answer.