representation warm or cool colored?

Is brown a warm color?

You must be an artist if you decide the colors before you decide what to paint with them. Past, present, future of color representation is neither warm or cool colored.

warm cool colors

Darwinian evolution has simplified our color vision to be based on red, green, and blue cones.

copal warm color

Our vision system uses three different sensors to selectively detect the visual spectrum, but colors do not belong to the physicist's official lexicon.

The three pigments; the three ages of life. past, present, future.

One small window let in the few photons that had survived the rain and clouds (the darkness of an irish morning).

When science is spectral analysis, Art must be light synthesis.

aposematic danger symbol

Aposematic symbol art, far from being a passive disguise, such camouflage also involves specific changes in artists and instinctive behaviour (caution, warning, danger and hazard).